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The Captains Club

The captains club is about sharing my knowledge about what it takes to be a successful leader.  I will help and guide you in your journey as a leader.  Being a leader can be one of the most rewarding things to being involved with a team.  From establishing what type of leader you want to be through to learning how to deal with referees.  This course is aimed at leaders of all levels and abilities, from High School teams through to senior representative leaders, even leaders outside sport.  Once you join the club you will have access to exclusive videos with accompanying worksheets weekly.  

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As part of joining the Captains Club you will receive:

  1. Exclusive Captains video from Kieran weekly, where he will delve into the subject of the week, letting you in on all his own lessons and experiences.
  2. You receive 12 sessions as part of the Club
  3. Free replays of all videos, they will stay in the members area for you to look back over.
  4. Worksheets and planning tools accompanying each video that will help you implement your new skills.
  5. Opportunity to ask questions and communicate with fellow club members in a public forum.
  6. The chance to learn from the All Blacks second most capped captain of all time with 52 tests as captain, he has been through highs as well as lows over his career as a captain and rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest coaches and players of all time.
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Captains Club

$75 NZD

  • 12 week Course
  • One sessions per week
  • Exclusive video content
  • Real life captaincy tips and tools

You’ve got this and I’ve got you

Let me help you make your captaincy journey a fun and exciting one.  Whether you want to seriously improve your captaincy credentials, want to further your leadership potential or simply just become a better captain.  This course is for you.